Because three's company

Three friends in a Trio call

The magic number

Video calls lack the subtle body language which makes in-person group experiences effortless. Trio limits call to three people at a time to make it easier to communicate in a natural and fluid way.

The Trio Buddy List, showing a friend in a call with someone else

Everyone's here

See who's online in your Buddy List and see who's talking to who. Ask to join a trio with an empty space and start talking with your friends.

A breakout request

Instant breakouts

If someone's trio is full or you just want a 1:1 chat, you can ask them to breakout and start a new trio with you.

A swap request

Change places!

Mix up your trios by swapping places with someone else. Perfect for virtual parties and events, now it's easy to hop around and spend time with everyone, and get you friends talking to each other.


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